Thursday, December 24, 2009

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Wow, it's been quite some time since my last sorry! I guess I should take the time to recap.

Yes, I found my beloved raffia reindeer, I was not crazy after all. I had indeed purchased them and tucked them safely away, I was just wearing my blinders that day and would have seen them in the box if I had dug a little deeper. Sigh. And as of this moment, I have glued them back together numerous time thanks to the destructive talents of the Sweet Babygirl. The standing reindeer now has a broken leg after giving Tiny Tiny Teddybear several rowdy rides. I will be getting out the glue gun once again, just not till I get ready to put them away! I have to pick my battles.

I think the blizzard is approaching! It's starting to snow! Oh my! It would be really awesome if travel weren't involved in any of the festivities, both for Team Nugget and the fam. Eggnog with a little Cap'n Morgan sounds good right about now! Hot tea will have to do for now.

I think we're ready for the Fete de Noel, except we have one present outstanding (thanks USPS!), which bites. We're not doing much cooking, except for my Mom and Dad who are coming over for breakfast so they can witness the Little Nugget open Santa's bounty! That should be a hoot, pictures to come! I just made spiced pecans to take to Papa and Gigi's along with a fruit tray. Mmm...!

Just got a phone call from Hubby Nugget--he's coming home early! Let the Holidays begin!!!!

Merry Christmas everyone! Be safe and stay warm!!!


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