Monday, December 28, 2009

Damn I'm HOT!!!

And not in a good way!

So I've been sitting here at my computer as I am apt to do when I'm putting off laundry, and I realized that I am SWEATING! Now anyone who knows me is aware that I have the metabolism of a sloth and rarely break a sweat, even in the dog days of summer, and even then only if I'm performing some sort of hard physical labor in direct sunlight. So I thought there must have been some kind of heat wave in the house and got up to check the thermostat expecting it to read something like 85, but no. 71 degrees. I blame this entirely on my daughter.

See, I had the Little Nugget late in life, the ripe old age of 39. (Yeah I KNOW that's not old, but you tell that to my God-forsaken hormones!). I was standing in the middle of JCPenny's buying my Sweet Hubby Nugget a Valentines day present when I suddenly felt like I was burning up on fire! I was beet red! I thought "wow that's weird whats up with that?" Since me and the newly Hubby-d Nugget were working on expanding Team Nugget to three members, I had my suspicions. We'd only been married a couple of months, so it seemed kind of unlikely, but hey, miracles can happen. So I picked up a pee test at the store and told my sweet Nugget about the urinary celebration we were to have the next morning promptly upon waking. I was convinced of impending pregnancy as my body was acting STRANGELY.

There is a point here, and I'm getting to it, just be patient.

So the pee test of goodness commenced, and...nothing. NOT pregnant. Dude, I was bummed. Hubby Nugget was bummed. So on we went about our days at work. Except I had a huge commute and TONS of time to reflect upon the news. Being prone to thoughts of impending doom, I suspected that I had misread my hormones and was not pregnant, but in fact starting MENOPAUSE. Which made me sad because I surmised we were too old to have a kid, blah, blah, blah. That's just how my brain works, and why meds are awesome (I wasn't taking them at the time, rest assured). So the next day, struck by a nagging sense of curiosity, I decided to check out via the interwebs (both of them) the accuracy of those "super accurate" home pregnancy tests. And guess what. They're not that accurate and give FALSE NEGATIVES! Dude, I was simultaneously stoked and freaked out!

Since we had super-awesome health insurance at that time, it was cheaper for me to just go get tested at my doctor's office than buy the test again, which is what happened the following Tuesday, and the rest is history. And now we have the Sweet Little Nugget of Goodness! Voila!

So ok, this is not supposed to be a story of our pregnancy, but it is closely tied for me to the subject of Menopause, because after I had the Little One, I became keenly aware that I was no longer experiencing pregnancy-related hormone fluctuations, but that the pregnancy had in my opinion jump-started my hormones into peri-menopause gear. Damn.

So yeah, it's ALL my daughter's fault. I'm just sayin.

All for now,

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