Monday, July 21, 2008

Can You Hear Me Now?

So I was in the kitchen, doing dishes while the Little Nugget watched The View in the living room, as she is rather fond of Whoopi and the ladies. I hear my cell ring, so I walk in there, and Babygirl hands me the phone, all innocent and such, because after all she is a sweet angelpie of goodness.

My dad is on the other end, and says "Well we've just had an interesting conversation..." Now dad has had some health issues, and in fact went to the doctor last week to check up on his heart, so I'm thinking Oh Crap what's wrong, when he says "with your daughter!"

Seems the Little Nugget has developed a skill, no, a Talent for calling grammy and grampy on my cell phone. This is no easy feat as she has to press the contact button, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, send. And she does it consistently, never calls anyone else. In these phone calls, she just usually stares at the phone, pushes the buttons, then gets bored and walks away. But today, well, lets just say the Babygirl has embraced phone etiquette. She had a full on conversation with grammy and grampy, most of it in Nuggetspeak, then said "bye-bye!" and hung up!
Wow, what's next? Text messaging?

(as I write this, she's in the background going "a shoe! a shoe!" What a sweet babygirl!)

All for now,

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