Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sometimes You Just Want a Dirty Screw

Provocative title, eh? Well get your mind out of the gutter, people, I'm talkin' drinks here, not whatever you're thinkin. :-)

We were getting a little tired of our usual tasty beverage so I did a little trip back down memory lane and recreated the drink recipe that Team Nugget, pre-Little Nugget, invented. At least we think we invented it. I will share the recipe with you, but first, indulge me in a retelling of the drink's inception.

The nuptials of Team Nugget were quite an affair, done up on a lake with an awesome pig roast, and tons of food and drink. To ensure no guest went without, we purposely overestimated amounts. Now Hubby Nugget's friends are whiskey drinkers, so we made sure their needs were met. In spades. I don't remember how many 1.5 liter bottles we bought, but I'm sure it was at least 3 (Hubby Nugget remembers it as 5, and that could very well be correct). It was a lot of booze!

However, at the reception, turns out everyone was in a wine/beer mood, and only one bottle of whiskey was consumed. Which left us with A LOT of leftover alcohol. What to do with 4 super-sized bottles of liquor? Get creative and play bartender! Viola! The Dirty Screw is born!

We generally don't measure, so you may want to experiment to adjust it to your own taste:

The Dirty Screw

1 part whiskey (bourbon works too)
1 part triple sec (or cointreau if you want to get all fancy and french)
2 parts orange juice

Pour ingredients in a glass, add ice, stir and drink it up! (makes one drink)

Yummy! The name comes from the fact that it's a variation on a Screwdriver. But I think it's a little tastier, especially with bourbon.

I will refrain from making any lame sex jokes. But you can fill in your own blank.


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