Friday, July 11, 2008

Only 10 Minutes Left... this CRAZY hour! So here's how it went down:

Earlier, Little Nugget settled in for a nap, I was working on photoshopping images, and thought, what are you, nuts?! Take a nap! So I did. THEN, at 4:00 I was awaken by some russling noises. Now I'm super paranoid at this point that the Babygirl is going to get all Olga Corbett on us and do some somersault out of her crib and ransack the house while we're sleeping. Any day, people, it could happen. Seriously.

So I open my eyes, and what should I see? A birdie staring right back at me! Holy Crap, there's a bird in the house!!! I've had other experiences with wildlife in the house (birds, squirrels, oh, and the raccoon, remind me and I'll tell you that story some time--it's a good one!), and birds usually don't do too well confined. Back in the day when I was a single Nugget, I had a starling go medieval on my apartment while I was at work, and when I got home, I thought I had been robbed, except for all the BIRDSHIT everywhere. I didn't eat in that house for a week (it took FOREVER to clean)! So when I saw little birdie staring back at me, I panicked, to say the least. I immediately called Hubby Nugget at work, and he rushed home to the rescue. Lickedy split, he had the bird situation contained and freed it in the front yard, and then back to work! Wow!

So by then, the Little Nugget was awake, and the weirdness continued. After all that excitement, I fixed her a sippy of milk, then settled in to read some of my favorite blogs to wind down. So I look over at Babygirl, and she's talking on my cellphone (!!!), and SOMEONE'S TALKING BACK!!! I grab the phone, look at the display, and she's talking to my parents!!! She called my dad!!! How freaky is that!

So I was chatting with my Mom, you know, talkin' bout how smart my girl is, etc (her comment was to the effect, "oh boy, you're in for it!"), and I walk over to check on the Little Nugget, who says to me, "I pee-pee" and hands me a diaper, then says "dipo".

Oh what a sweet Babygirl!!!!!

That's what I call an eventful 50 minutes!

All for now,

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