Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Respect My Authoritay!!!

Hijinks ensued at work yesterday. I happened into my copystand room (where I keep the copystand camera & various other office supplies/crap I don't use any much anymore) just down the hall from my office. I had been sorting and organizing (two of my faves) so the place was a bit messy when I left it. HOWEVER, when I unlocked the door and peeked in, IT HAD BEEN CLEANED (read: my space was VIOLATED). Nothing gets the Nugget riled faster than 1) people messing with my shit, and 2) colleagues disrespecting my authoritay. So OK, I get #2 a lot, and I deal, but DON'T MESS WITH MY SHIT! There is a place for my sticky notes, and my sticky notes go in THAT place, not some arbitrary place that some student assistant decides is a better place. There IS no better place. I am the queen of organizing.

Oh yes, did I mention pillaging of office supplies was involved? Oh yes it was. Storage boxes, my beloved Pilot G2 gel roller pens to name a few things (read: some of my favorite things!).

Although I have to say that I'm a little excited that I get to make a trip to the most awesome Depot in the world to replenish my sad little office supply stash.

Take that, little offender! I told you, right upside the head!

All for now,

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