Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Good Day to be a Lazy Turd

Team Nugget slept in today, didn't even get dressed until noon. Not even strong coffee can rouse us from our grogginess.

Camping was postponed due to medical emergency, D had a reaction to either a virus or prescribed medication and ended up in the hospital yesterday, so we wish the family H a speedy recovery! And as it turns out, it's been rainy all weekend anyway, so it probably just wasn't in the cards this time. Little Nugget will have to wait for her first camping experience just a little bit longer.

So instead, Team Nugget is engaged in a massive spring cleaning campaign, organizing and such. In the garage Hubby Nugget built a fabulous recycling center and abode for our soon-to-be-acquired composting worms. I'm still working on a collective name for our new Team Nugget mascots of topsoil-creating goodness. I will keep you posted, I'm sure you're on pins and needles!

I cleaned the living room, picked up toys, put away things, then moved to Little Nugget's bedroom, did the same, then back out to the living room where she had messed it up again, then back to her bedroom, where she had messed it up again, repeat, repeat, repeat. The final time she managed to sneak out a crayon and mark up the living room. Good times! Anyone know how to get crayon off carpet? Luckily it's not too visible, it might wear off on it's own. If not we'll just put an ottoman over it. :-)

All for now, time to make lunch!

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