Friday, April 24, 2009

Hey Where is the Lexapro Vendor?!

My eyelid has been twitching on and off for the last three days. It hasn't done that since grad school. Today, it twitched almost continuously.

Why? Tonight we took the Little Nugget to her first professional baseball game. We went with family, Hubby Nugget's younger brother, sister-in-law and sisters, and their kids, and a few extra kids to boot. In all, there were 20 of us! Things went well at first, fun was had by all! The stadium has been newly renovated and looks fabulous! I hadn't been there for...geez...almost 20 years, so it was great!

Lovely view of our new scenery!

Little Nugget and cousin K were a little bewildered at first!

Cousins K and A hammed it up, as expected!

Oh super-sweet pic of the Monkey and myself!

Cheering on the home team! K looks a little bored!

Cousins A, A and K!

All the happy faces were had during the first inning or two, then it unravelled. It was dollar night, so of course the food lines were INSANE. And not a hot dog vendor to be had in the stands. The Aunts headed down to concessions to procure nourishment for the young'uns, and they were never seen again. Seriously. They literally stood in line for a freakin dollar hot dog THE WHOLE GAME! And what choice did they have? You're not allowed to bring food in for your brood, so you HAVE to get it there. Not good planning on behalf of the management.

OK this is a bad sign. Beware the impending clusterfuck, and the reason for my involuntary muscle spasms. I am usually uber-ocd-plannergirl, and am prepared for ANY possible Nugget situation. And of course I didn't know what to expect, hence the twitching. Let's just say it was warranted. No snacks for Monkey=unhappy Monkey. So that's problem number one.

Problem number two, as witnessed above in the picture of the Sweet Babygirl, when she proclaimed "I done," and hopped off her chair. This literally means "I'm done" and foretells of impending doom for whatever you had planned to do. Seems the fireworks and the spooky announcer voice booming from apparently out of nowhere freaked the Babygirl a bit.

While we knew we wouldn't be there for the whole game, we wanted to stretch it a bit longer, at least until some of the adults returned thereby restoring the ratio of adults to children to a somewhat manageable amount. By this time, Little Nugget was in the I-need-my-pie-and-something-to-snuggle-with-mode, pictured above. More fireworks were ignited, and then came the waterworks. Monkey toyed with meltdown mode for another two innings. She would stop briefly, only to be set off again, lather, rinse, repeat.

Brother-in-law G, a saintly man, assured us that he'd be OK staying with 10+ kids until the aunties returned, and at the end of the 5th inning, we took him up on it. So we headed out to the parking lot, and Hubby Nugget gets a phone call from the aunties! They were only half-way through the line!!!!!

By the end, I doubt my eyelid was the only one twitching!
All for now,

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